SIRION plays an important role in equipping research institutions with the tools to conduct research with integrity by conducting local education and training programmes as well as international symposia and conferences on research integrity.

Upcoming Events

Research Integrity Conference 2023

Conference theme: Research Data Management, including AI, in relation to Research Integrity

Date: Wednesday, 10 May 2023

Venue: National University of Singapore, University Town (this conference is in-person only)

Visit our conference website for more information.

Past Events


Open Science talk

This workshop was held on 15 August 2019.

NTU Visiting Professor Daniel Ansari (Western University Canada) shared on his Open Science experiences during the event. NTU Nanyang Assistant Professor Suzy Styles and Nanyang Assistant Professor Gianluca Esposito;from the School of Social Sciences shared on how they make use of the NTU repositories such as DR-NTU (Data) and DR-NTU (Open Access) to achieve their Open Science goals.


Research Integrity Conference 2018

On 22nd October 2018, NTU, A*STAR and NUS held the second Joint Conference on Research Integrity aimed at advancing the practice of responsible science in Singapore.

Held at the Biopolis, the conference saw strong turnout from academic and research centres in NTU, as well as members of the public. Featuring international and industry speakers, sessions organised covered topics such as questionable research practices and factors and concerns surrounding data irreproducibility.

The meeting’s conclusion saw participating institutions announcing the formation of the Singapore Institutional Research Integrity Offices Network (SIRION) for the joint implementation of best practices through consultation and teaching to promote the responsible conduct of research in Singapore.

For any queries regarding the conference or to view slides of content covered, participants can contact or click here for more information.


Research Integrity Conference 2016

On 22 Nov 2016, A*STAR/NTU/NUS jointly held the inaugural Research Integrity Conference in Singapore to highlight the importance of this topic to the local research community. As a centre of world-class research, Singapore must uphold and advance our reputation by ensuring high quality research output and the highest standards of research integrity.

The conference concluded with a Joint Statement on Research Integrity Relating to Scholarly Publications, which builds upon the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity. The Joint Statement seeks to express the institutions’ committed and unified stand to uphold and perpetuate the highest standards of ethics and integrity in publications, integral for the advancement of research and open innovation.

Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful. - Samuel Johnson